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A Look at the Clover™ Station

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015 8:00:00 AM

One of the benefits merchants have when they team up with MerchantPro Express (MPX) is access to helpful merchant services experts as well as amazing credit card processing solutions. The Clover Station, as well as its sister products, Clover Mobile and Clover Mini are just some of those products. With their sleek, modern look, reliability – even when the internet is not working – and easy-to-assemble design, the Clover products are great for every kind of retailer or restaurant. Clover POS systems are cloud-based, with their own app stores that offer innovative, industry-specific apps to help small and large merchants operate more efficiently. As an example, merchants can track their inventory across several locations and prepare and deliver invoices.

MPX believes that every merchant should be able to complete transactions in his or her place of business efficiently and securely. Providing their merchant customers with best-in-class, cutting-edge solutions, such as the Clover products, along with exceptional customer service ensures that MPX will be able to help its customers operate more effectively.

The Clover trademark and logo are owned by Clover Network, Inc., a First Data company. All other trademarks, service marks and trade names referenced in this material are the property of their respective owners.

The Clover Station

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