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Clover Go Nominated for Best POS Innovation of 2017

Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 1:00:25 PM

Clover Go Nominated for Best POS Innovation of 2017
Photo Credit: Ignite Pay NYC Blog

It’s that time of year again: The Innovation Project is officially underway. Launched by—an online resource that reports on the latest payments-industry news—The Innovation Project is a yearly forum in which people in the payments industry from around the world come together to talk about recent changes and new technologies, as well as what’s in store for the future.

One major part of The Innovation Project is the Innovator Awards Dinner, which acknowledges and rewards those who have exhibited exceptional inspiration and inventiveness in payments and commerce through certain products and services.

The categories include:

  • Most Disruptive Innovation
  • Best Cash Innovation
  • Best Small Business Innovation
  • Best B2B Innovation
  • Best Prepaid Innovation
  • Best POS Innovation
  • The Most Innovative Payments Player
  • Best Newcomer
  • Most Invisible Insider
  • Best Comeback Story
  • Best Merchant Solution
  • The NACHA Best Innovation in ACH
  • Best Debt Innovation
  • Best Credit Innovation

The nominations form can be accessed by going to The Innovation Project’s official website. The winners, on the other hand, won’t be announced until the actual event, which is scheduled to take place on the last day of the conference.

We are especially thrilled that Clover Go, a contactless chip and credit card reader, is up for “Best POS Innovation” of 2017.

Clover Go is just one of the many incredible solutions from First Data, a global processing platform that provides credit card processing companies the POS systems which they give to their clients. Another one of the Clover products is the Clover Station, which merchants can utilize if they set up an account with a company that works with First Data.

It is products like Clover Go that makes First Data, as well as all of the credit card processing companies that are partners with the platform, stand out from the competition.

Those who are looking to broaden their customer base and expand their card-acceptance services through mobile readers should be happy to hear that they can do all of that with Clover Go, whether your customers are looking to pay with an EMV chip, magnetic swipe, or mobile device.

Some features that the Clover Go offers include:

  • EMV technology
  • Sales-activity reporting
  • User-friendly software
  • All-in-One reader via Bluetooth
  • Long-lasting battery

Other mobile products—Square being the most well-known—tend to have more issues with customer service, communication and account stability, as well as confusion regarding hold policies. As a result, when considering going mobile, don’t just choose any mobile card reader—check out those that are making waves in the payments industry.

MPX is proud to have First Data as our primary processing platform. Learn more about our solutions here.

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