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Mark Telander: New MPX Managing Partner for Chicago Branch

Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 4:08:51 PM

Mark Telander: New MPX Managing Partner for Chicago Branch

MPX continues to reach new heights and more cities in the merchant services industry. And with success, comes growth.

Mark Telander is the most recent MPX member to join the group, and he’s more than ready to take on the role of Managing Partner for our Midwest branch.

A Career Change

Before joining MPX, Telander had a decade-long career at the Chicago Board of Trade—one of the largest commodities exchanges in the world.

“Over the last 10 years I traded futures and options on a number of commodity products including corn, soybeans, and wheat," adds Telander.

Though he’s had much success in the futures trading industry, Telander decided to change careers and achieve something new with credit-credit processing company MPX.

"MPX made me an offer to start a Chicago-based branch that I think is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," he says, "and I just could not pass it up.” 

As he considered joining the MPX family, one of his deciding factors was seeing how much dedication Joe Doyle, MPX’s Managing Partner for its headquarters on Long Island, and his team showed him.

“I loved his enthusiasm,” Telander says. And once he learned more about the position, he knew it would be a great fit.

“I met a few of his coworkers and was instantly hooked,” Telander says. “I knew that MPX has figured out the road map for success in their industry, and I had to become a part of it.”

Hearing how other MPX members have thrived also impressed him.

“The success stories of so many of MPX's employees made the decision so easy," Telander says. "And the freedom and endless possibilities MPX offers was a no-brainer.”

Eager to Get Started

Telander’s extensive experience in the trading industry has helped prepare him for this new business venture.

“Coming from an ultra-competitive trading career, this industry had so many similarities it made the transition effortless,” he adds.

Some of Telander’s new responsibilities include recruiting, training and hiring a team of contributors, building a network of revenue-sharing and lead-sharing referral partners, as well as joining industry-specific associations and other networking groups in order to forge strong professional relationships with other people in this key industry. One notable member of Telander’s growing team is retired NHL player Brent Sopel, who recently joined MPX as Vice President of Business Development.

Telander isn’t the only one excited about this new opportunity—MPX is thrilled to have him as well.

“Landing Mark is a huge win for MPX," says Doyle with pride. "Mark’s talents at the Mercantile Exchange and the breadth and depth of his Chicago-area network will enable him to build a game-changing team for us. I cannot express how excited and fortunate we are to have him.” 

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