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MPX Announces Exciting Approved Vendor Status with AdvantaClean

Posted by on Apr 28, 2017 10:00:22 AM

MPX Announces Exciting New Partnership with AdvantaClean

MerchantPro Express (MPX) is proud to announce an approved vendor status through the Strategic Vendor Alliance with AdvantaClean, a renowned light environmental services™ company with hundreds of nationwide franchises, focused on mold remediation, moisture control, air-duct cleaning, and water removal for commercial and residential.

team_marktelander.jpgThe relationship between the two organizations began several months ago when Mark Telander, MPX’s Managing Partner for its Chicago market, signed a merchant account with a single Chicago-based AdvantaClean franchise. Telander, who is responsible for developing MPX’s Chicago presence, understood that AdvantaClean was a national franchisor, and was excited to explore a potential relationship with the entire network.

Telander explains, “I knew right away this industry would be perfect for our One Rate program. I wanted to speak with someone at their home office to discuss the value we could bring to all the franchisees”. Telander then moved forward and reached out to the corporate executives at AdvantaClean. After several meetings, MPX is now in a position to dramatically improve the way AdvantaClean franchisees process payments. Telander "cannot be more excited."

Amy Masterton, AdvantaClean's Director of Vendor and Franchise Relations, is tasked with administering the organization's Strategic Vendor Alliance Program, a network of vendors that their franchisees can use to receive the best services and prices. Hearing about MPX's program caught her attention.

"I liked their One Rate Program," she says. "That looked very advantageous to us."

Many of their franchisees have been using other processing services that are not as cost-effective as MPX. This One Rate Program could help franchisees save money, which they can then put back into their business.

"I liked their one-rate program. That looked very advantageous to us," says Amy Masterton, AdvantaClean's Director of Vendor and Franchise Relations.

Masterton quickly realized after speaking with MPX that their franchisees would benefit from the One Rate Program, along with having access to chip reader mobile solutions for processing. In addition, she understood that MPX has the capability to seamlessly integrate with her franchisees' existing processing environment.

Telander is looking forward to leveraging MPX's services to help franchise owners grow their businesses while reducing their cost for credit card processing.

Masterton shares Telander's sentiments.

“We want to save our franchisees time and money and give them quality service, and partnering with MPX is a great way to start," she says.

Headquartered in Woodbury, New York, MPX is a credit-card processing company that provides state-of-the-art services and point-of-sale equipment to more than 10,000 merchants throughout the United States and Canada. MPX has an extensive suite of products and services that provide merchant customers with everything they need to accept all forms of electronic payments major credit cards and process payment transactions more efficiently and at a reduced rate. MPX also boasts the industry’s deepest and most experienced merchant support team.

AdvantaClean, which was just featured on the hit show Undercover Boss, has been offering residential, commercial, institutional, and governmental properties various services, such as water-damage structural drying, air-duct cleaning, and mold testing and inspections, since 1994. As a result of the company’s dedication to its customers, AdvantaClean was able to grow from its one location in Winter Park, Florida, and open 225 franchises across the United States. AdvantaClean has plans to double that number in the next few years.

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