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A Growing Team: MPX Introduces the Devin Family

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 3:43:18 PM

A Growing Team: MPX Introduces the Devin Family

Many factors contribute to a business’ overall performance, but the trait that holds an immeasurable amount of value is the quality of the people working there. An organization can have great products, but without a strong team dedicated to achieving the company's goals and meeting the customer's needs, it may not be able to beat the fierce competition. It’s people who make the difference.

MerchantPro Express (MPX), a leading merchant services company based on Long Island, is a prime example. Without our incredible team of professionals who strive to help business owners save money and manage their daily operations with our more effective credit-card processing solutions, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we are.

Three standout employees MPX would like to recognize are Mike, Molly and Joe Devin.

A family of athletes, the Devin siblings were excited to embark on this new career path after they heard about the professional opportunities MPX offers. Thus far, their experience has only heightened their enthusiasm for what they do at MPX.

And it all started with a phone call.

Starting Over

Around Thanksgiving almost two years ago, Mike Devin, now 28, was debating about whether to continue his professional hockey career, which he'd started immediately after graduating from Cornell University in 2011 with his twin brother Joe, or trade in his skates and start a new career. He didn't want to end up with a job that would require him to stay at a desk all day.

“I knew I didn’t want to sit in traffic to go into Boston every day and then sit in a cubicle,” Mike says. But he didn’t know how to begin his job search.

A mutual friend encouraged Mike to give Joe Doyle, MPX Managing Partner, a call. After he spoke with Doyle about the job opportunities here, Mike took a trip to New York to meet the MPX team in person. Then he decided to accept a position, promising himself, “I’ll give it three months, and if I don’t like it, I’ll move on.”

But after those first three months came and went, he extended his wait-and-see period to six months because he was enjoying his experience at MPX.

Fast forward almost two years later, and Mike is now Managing Director at MPX. He says his responsibilities range from “going out and getting my own business” to “running my own sales team in the Boston area.”

Expanding the Team Even More

Although Molly Devin, Mike's 26-year-old younger sister, studied Global Human Resources and Business Management right after Union College—where she also played Divison I ice hockey—she ended up starting a career in finance. After being laid off, Molly weighed finding another finance job, but also couldn’t help but consider joining MPX because of the meteoric success and fun Mike was having.

She was impressed by her brother's motivation, passion and willingness to learn "something completely new and foreign," as she put it, and so she also decided to give MPX a try.

“Long story short, here I am,” Molly says.

More than a year later, Molly couldn’t be happier with her decision.

“Within just a few days of beginning my role," she says, "I realized that the support Joe Doyle, Randi Meiselas—MPX’s Vice President of Client Relations—and the entire MPX team gave me was something that I would never come across again in my lifetime in the business world.”

Also a Managing Director of the New England region, Molly has similar responsibilities as her brother Mike: helping “businesses understand how they are processing, what they can do to improve their processing efficiency and what they can do to drive down costs and process credit card transactions in the safest and most efficient manner.”

And Now There Are Three

Just recently, Mike’s twin brother, Joe, has become the third Devin to begin a new career at MPX. Also a Cornell graduate and a professional hockey player, Joe saw how much Mike and Molly were exceling in the merchant services and credit-card processing field and knew he wanted to learn more about the opportunities at MPX.

“My siblings’ experience with MPX really attracted me to this job," Joe says. "I love the idea of being able to save your friends and family money, and educate them on the foundation of their business—accepting payment for their goods and services.”

Like his twin brother, Joe shares Mike's view that “sitting at a desk, watching the clock all day and waiting for 5 o’clock to hit” held no appeal. Being at MPX allows him to get out of the office and develop professional relationships with other people.

“With this career, your destiny is in your own hands," Joe says, "and that is one aspect that brought me here.”

As Vice President of Business Development, Joe helps “companies of all sizes and backgrounds realize what they are currently spending on credit-card processing rates, fees and charges. And most importantly, I propose customized solutions on the savings for their businesses.” While he, similarly to his siblings, is based in the New England area, Joe will also be working in Charleston, South Carolina, as he continues to play professional hockey there. 

No Sibling Rivalry Here

Although each Devin possesses a competitive spirit—a great attribute to have both on and off the ice—they aren’t competing against each other in their new roles at MPX. In fact, they share nothing but encouragement, support, and kind words for each other.

“There is no competition,” Molly insists, “just a hunger we all possess to get out there, meet new people, make connections, spread knowledge about the industry and help businesses of all sizes in any way that we can.”

Another thing they share as siblings is knowing that they’ll always help one another out so each Devin can reach success.

“It gives our family a ‘team mentality’ that nothing will come between us and our goals in life,” Joe says. 

A Special Thanks

All three Devins credit Joe Doyle and Randi Meiselas for teaching them about the merchant services industry, offering tips on the best ways to sell our products and services, and providing guidance and support. 

“Having a team of people who stand behind you and go to such incredible lengths to ensure your success is priceless,” Molly says. They helped her learn the most effective ways to approach potential customers and quickly gain her footing in this new endeavor.

Joe echoes his sister’s sentiments.

“The thing that really has stuck with me is the quality of people MPX brings in," he says. "They are down-to-earth, genuine people who have a true dedication to their job.”

Looking back, Mike is grateful that Joe Doyle persuaded him to give the MPX job a try and made sure he had everything he needed to succeed in a business he knew almost nothing about.

“Joe treated me like his own family,” Mike says, “and I cannot thank him enough.”

Doyle is humbled and honored by the Devins’ praise: “It is a privilege to work with hard working people like the Devin siblings,” he says. “They received a strong core upbringing in which everything they achieved they earned with hard work and preparation. They have taken those values and have implemented them into the business world. Their success does not come as a surprise to me. I am beyond excited about what the future holds for them. Their ceiling is limitless here at MPX!”

From all accounts, this is only the beginning for the Devins. They are quickly and expansively growing their Boston-area team, and have recently begun exploring entry into other markets as well. Look out, merchant services industry, the Devins appear to be at MPX to stay.

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