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Payments Processor MPX and NCAA Athletic Conference NEC Join Forces

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 3:56:11 PM

Payments Processor MPX and NCAA Athletic Conference NEC Join Forces

National credit card processing company MerchantPro Express (“MPX”) and NCAA Division I athletic conference Northeast Conference (“NEC”) announced that they will be entering into a partnership.

Under the terms of this unique partnership, the NEC will promote MPX among its collegiate members and their respective alumni bases, while MPX will provide the NEC with a revenue share from merchants referred by the NEC.

Payments Processor MPX and NCAA Athletic Conference NEC Join Forces

Noreen Morris, NEC’s commissioner, applauds the new arrangement: “This wasn’t a typical deal for us, but we saw it as a way to connect our members with a true value-adding, cost-reducing credit card processor, and one they can trust. By doing so, we would also be generating ongoing revenue for the NEC. We love win-win deals, and this one certainly meets that criteria.”

The architect of the deal was NEC’s Associate Commissioner for Marketing Operations, Andy Alia. “I connected with the MPX team immediately,” says Mr. Alia. “They were smart, professional and thought outside the box. They even have an NEC alum on their team!”

Joe Doyle, MPX’s Managing Partner, scored 1,262 points as a 4-year starting guard for NEC member Sacred Heart. “When I realized I had a chance to partner with the NEC, my glory days came rushing back to me,” jokes Mr. Doyle. “The NEC is and always has been a gritty, hard-nosed, blue-collar conference. I’ve always liked how they play basketball, and found the NEC staff to be cut from the same cloth. It seems like a match made in Heaven!”

After careful consideration, Mr. Doyle handed the NEC relationship over to new hire Greg Gordon. Mr. Gordon recently joined MPX, and built his career on managing relationships and driving results. “Greg and Andy are really quite similar,” adds Mr. Doyle. “They both present with an incredibly personable and disarming demeanor, but both have persistence and intensity lying just beneath the surface. This persistence and intensity fuels their creativity and sales success.”

Mr. Gordon agrees, “Dealing with large institutions can be difficult. But Noreen and Andy have such wonderful relationships with their member colleges and universities, they will get us to the right people in the most efficient manner to see what we can offer them. Coming in warm and properly positioned will set us all up for success.”

The NEC and MPX have not wasted much time. They have already met on three occasions in NEC’s offices, and plan to begin speaking with the NEC member institutions about credit card processing savings that can be realized by the institutions themselves as well as their alumni bases.

Mr. Alia insists, “This is going to be a successful partnership. It has all the essential ingredients – a sizable opportunity, an excellent value proposition, incentive for all parties, and solid people. I can’t wait to see this flourish.” 

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