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Team Building Helps with Significant Growth at MPX

Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 10:00:37 AM

Team Building Helps with Significant Growth at MPXNapoleon Hill said it best: “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” When Jim Smyth joined MerchantPro Express (MPX) in January 2015, building a great sales team by recruiting star sales agents and helping them create their own wealth is exactly what he had in mind. Almost two and a half years into his venture, Jim has already recruited and trained 50-plus payments specialists to MPX. And as word about the opportunity he’s offering spreads, his numbers are likely to grow considerably.

Jim had spent almost 20 years as a sales executive at First Data, building successful merchant services sales teams until “corporate culture” began to get in the way. According to Jim, changes at the corporate level ran afoul of Jim’s core beliefs:

“I was increasingly being asked to demand how my sales people sold, often shifting them away from successful and proven sales strategies for them as sales professionals. Some took to the change, but many struggled, watched their income decline, and lost passion for merchant services sales.”

These changes not only impacted his team’s performance, Jim’s passion also started to wane. Prior to the corporate mandate, Jim had empowered each salesperson based on their individual strengths, goals, and drive. Now, he was being asked to treat them in a way that would not make them as successful. In addition, First Data started reducing its support structure, raising prices on its existing client base, and narrowed the range of products and services they could offer merchants.

“Sales—especially independent merchant sales—is not a one-size-fits-all strategy,” Jim says. “You need to create and allow for flexibility for each payments specialist. But for merchant sales representatives to be successful, you also need to have the basics—a wide range of products and services and first-rate support. ”

When Jim started looking for a new professional home, he saw that MPX was authorized to sell First Data’s premier products such as Clover, FD130, Payeezy, VARs, and that MPX would allow his salespeople to sell as they desired and to whom they desired, which he knew would enable them to find success and happiness. “At MPX, our sales professionals can offer their customers next-day funding and competitive pricing without the threat of rate increases,” he states. “And because MPX utilizes First Data’s first-rate products and processing platforms, we can offer our clients precisely what they need by way of the very best the industry has to offer.”

“Individuals are what make up a team, and each person is successful in his or her own way."

At MPX, Jim has been able to recreate an environment in which his salespeople sell what they want to sell on terms they are comfortable with. There is no pressure from MPX corporate headquarters to sell something that may not meet the precise business needs of their clients. Jim understands that each salesperson is different with unique sales styles, motivations, aspirations, and definition of personal success. “Individuals are what make up a team, and each person is successful in his or her own way. I have always had the passion to assist each person with their individual sales strategy, have given them the attention they deserve, and let them sell what they have the passion for,” says Jim.

Payments expert and merchant services veteran Shawn Smith goes on to say that, “Working with Jim Smyth, again, and MPX created a rebirth for me in the merchant services industry because I can take an advocate approach in working with my clients as opposed to being a salesperson like I was forced to be when I was at First Data. This is fun for me again, has allowed me to live a well-balanced life, and I can do things my way in order to assist my clients. It has been a true blessing overall."

Throughout his career, Jim had worked side-by-side and had always been in contact with MPX CEO Chris Briller. When Chris called Jim to discuss the support structure that MPX had in place, the direction that he wanted to take the company made it very intriguing. “I always had a lot of respect for Chris and admired the fact that he took the leap of faith and started MPX. He always understood the merchant business and had the mind to operate a successful organization.” 

Chris realized he had a potential monster recruit in Jim. He says, “I had heard that Jim was growing unhappy with some of the changes he was seeing at First Data, and I reached out because we needed a growth trigger, and could think of no better source of sales recruitment and management talent than Jim.”

Soon after discussing the opportunity with Chris, Jim had the opportunity to meet MPX’s COO Sean O’Neil. “Sean’s thinking outside of the box and his dreams of making MPX the best ISO in the U.S. to work for, is what made the decision easy for me to become a partner at MPX,” states Jim.

"Keeping our clients and sales agents needs first has always been the top priority for MPX.”

For the past couple of years, MPX has seen tremendous company growth—effectively doubling the size of its portfolio in two years—and owes a significant portion of its success to Jim’s team. As the company has grown, so has its world-class support staff headed up by Samantha Dawber. Jim has noted MPX’s willingness to grow its back office at the same rate of its sales engine:

“As our client base and sales agents have grown, so has our service department. Keeping our clients and sales agents needs first has always been the top priority for MPX.”

Payments expert Ion Craciun states, “Growing a merchant services portfolio happens by acquiring and keeping clients! I was looking for an ISO partner that I could trust and one that could offer transparency to me as an agent and to my clients, and that's what I found with Jim and MPX. Everyone in merchant services is in the business of client satisfaction, and I was looking for an ISO that would back me up on all my promises and commitments to my clients at the time of sale, and especially after the sale. MPX has been there for me and my clients."

MPX’s future continues to look very bright. They continue to grow their salesforce at a blistering pace, put their clients’ needs first, and have created an environment that empowers each person who is a part of it.

If you are considering a sales career change, please reach out to Jim Smyth at (610)-850-1696 or at

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